Goodness Me!

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My name is Jeffree Wyn Itrich and I have been a writer for 30 years. I’m also empathetic, possibly to a fault. It’s one of those DNA things, can’t help it.

My innate passions lead me to double masters’ degrees in journalism and social work, a combination that drives me to always look for the good in every situation. Even in the face of difficulties I try to find the positive because I know it’s there somewhere. While I’ve been writing non-fiction since the mid-80s, including a cookbook, I have also ventured into fiction, penning two novels and children’s book.

Okay, enough about me. This blog and its attention on the good is what excites and compels me to unearth stories that make our hearts sing, stories that remind us of our humanity. I know that I am not the only one who loves an old fashioned story with heart, a story that makes us smile and occasionally brings tears to our eyes. Everyone I talk to has one and just as importantly feels that such positive stories are overlooked too often in our fast-paced world. Hence, the launch of this blog.

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