Destiny at Oak Valley

While living in New Mexico I used to frequently fly in our friends’ hot air balloon on weekends (ballooning is a big deal in NM). I not only got married in their balloon, I was part of the crew. I held down the crown line and was affectionately known as The Crown Princess. It was during a ballooning trip to southeast NM that the idea for Destiny at Oak Valley came to me. In short, it’s a fictional novel about a woman who while piloting her balloon accidentally travels back in time to the Wild West of New Mexico. I am a big fan of happy endings; I made sure that this book had one.

Destiny at Oak Valley                    Authored by Jeffree Wyn Itrich

Imagine flying in a hot-air balloon, getting caught in an eclipse and descending over 100 years into the Wild West of New Mexico, where you meet a strikingly handsome man who challenges every notion you ever had about love. That’s exactly what happens to independent, high-spirited Rachel Kingston, who doesn’t know how to get home, but must find a way without falling for his charms.

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Call of the Whisperwind

This is the sequel to Destiny and takes up where the first novel leaves off. I had not planned to write a sequel; it was at the urging and nudging of friends, fans, and family that I write the next chapter in my characters lives. I admit it – I had a blast writing this one, as I got into some interesting topics not previously explored. And when this one was published my fans renewed their campaign for yet another book, another sequel. I did start #3, even wrote half the manuscript, then life got in the way. I will finish it one of these days as it needs finishing. Maybe soon.

Call of the Whisperwind                   Authored by Jeffree Wyn Itrich

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