Good Friends

Good Friends. Hard to come by—great to keep for a long time.

Good Friends share with each other: the good, the bad, and the heart-warming aspects of life.

I have an idea for you. I would like to be a Good Friend with you, but I only want to share with you stories and ideas that are indicative of the Goodness Around Us.

Sure, I will continue to post really heart-warming stories every few days for the world to see on The Goodness Principle blog.  But, there are times when I have other ideas and information that I want to share with just a few folks directly—good things that won’t be made public on the website.

If you would like to be a Good Friend and receive an unscheduled, only occasionally-created email directly from me, I would be proud to share some ideas of goodness with you.

Just sign up below, and you’ll receive my occasional direct emails, starting with some ideas that I call the “Seven Ways That Goodness Can Enrich Your Life”. I think you will enjoy it!


Jeffree Wyn Itrich