The Rosebaby

This children’s book also took root in New Mexico. It’s the story of a tiny baby born in a rose. And it too came to fruition from a real life experience. I had a pretty impressive rose garden at my NM house. One day while inspecting the roses I saw a humongous rosebud growing on a bush. I watched it everyday until it opened to the biggest rose I’d ever seen. I jokingly remarked that it was big enough to hold a small baby. Then my mind began racing and the story of The Rosebaby was born. It encompasses much of what I love in this world: babies, gardens (especially roses), doing the right thing, helping others, appreciating life.


The Rosebaby                 Authored by Jeffree Wyn Itrich

A young woman who loves to grow roses is surprised one day when she receives an unusual gift that will forever change her life. Cecily Brunner learns that love sometimes comes in very small packages.

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