Goodness Interpreted

With the many blogs on the Internet you might be asking “Seriously? Do we really need yet another blog?” Good question. Is a new blog going to answer unanswered questions, heal our psychological wounds or do something, anything that makes a profound difference? Something that other blogs do not? Yes, I believe that this blog will do exactly that because that is the reason for its creation.

We live in a tumultuous time. Although Americans have it pretty good compared to people living desolate lives in other countries, even so, this is a trying time in our history. Society is at odds with itself, the political divide has never been greater, war is a constant threat. People are scared, scared for themselves, for their families, for their futures. Part of the reason for the fear is that we hear and see the negative all around us. If you listen to traditional media, doomsday abounds, it zeroes in on what I call “body bag journalism” (BBJ for short). Body counts, terrorism, unscrupulous acts, under mindedness, in short, bad people doing bad things. You come home from work, turn on the news and you’re barraged with BBJ.

All of this plays into why I started this blog… The only way to counter the bad news is to focus on the good. I call it The Goodness Principle. If you harbor even a drop of optimism, or want to, then you know it’s not hard; goodness exists all around us, but rarely will you find it mentioned on the evening news. This blog will make it easy for you. Each week you will read stories about goodness expressed in all sorts of ways, stories that you won’t find covered by the traditional news media. Some stories will be about people, others about animals or communities practicing deeds of goodness. No two stories will be alike, but a common thread will weave throughout: how goodness is expressed in a myriad of ways, from people making pillow cases for children with cancer to businesses that go out of their way to hire employees with disabilities to people who volunteer their spare time cuddling premature babies in a neonatal infant care unit to people building little free libraries that provide books to neighbors to horses so bonded that when one reaches the end of its life the other refuses to leave its side.

The good exists all around us; let’s explore it together. If you have a story that embraces The Goodness Principle, or you have observed one, please use the “Contact Me” tab and let me hear all about it! I look forward to hearing from you.

Goodness at Work,
Jeffree Wyn