Knitted Knockers to the Rescue

If the title of this post made you smile, it should, because it’s about a very cool enterprise that is improving the lives of thousands of women. Women like Ruthie in Vancouver, Washington who underwent a double mastectomy for breast cancer in May 2014. Six weeks after her surgery she began seven weeks of radiation, followed by chemotherapy for one… Read More

Birth of a Hospice Nurse

In my search for stories that exemplify The Goodness Principle I came across the following narrative penned by a nurse, Sara Conkle. It originally ran in Pulse – voices from the heart of medicine. As I read the story, I’m pretty sure that my heart skipped a beat. I’ve never read anything quite like this before and once you read… Read More

Tim, a Remarkable Young Man

Tim Harris and his story warms my heart. I’ve never met Tim, though I always meant to. You see, Tim is the first person with Down Syndrome to open and operate his own restaurant. Tim was as good a restaurateur as anyone. He’d wanted to own his own restaurant since he was a kid. To pursue that dream he attended… Read More